DEVLINE started as one man's dream, a developer's desire to grow and be independent. The company's foundations go back to a love for coding that continues to grow and nurture it to this day.

Officially we started out in 2013, unofficially a few years before, in front of a computer screen. Our founder and CEO grew the company from a one man machine to a 10 people army of coders and people passionate about technology and product development.

Our company started out as a Magento and TYPO3 agency. We love these two technologies because they're flexible, versatile, reliable and they complement each other very well for us as a company. We use Magento to develop e-commerce website and TYPO3 to create any other type of website. Magento and TYPO3 are our core as a company, but to better serve our customer we are always looking to expand and be able to offer more, that's why we started developing iOS apps using Swift in 2016 and we plan to work on marketing and SEO services in the future. 

DEVLINE was founded on an abstract love for code and a practical view for development, we instill these value through our work and in our team. We want to create the right and the best solution for each and every one of our clients. That's our company policy. A happy client is a happy DEVLINE. 

We're a startup and we love it, we love pushing limits every day and breaking the ordinary template development barrier. We prove ourselves with each client, we grow with each client and we learn from each project. 

We are DEVLINE and we'd love to see what challenges you have in store for us.