Custom web development is on another level of programming, compared to pre-built software systems. We advocate the usage of Magento and TYPO3, but sometimes our clients needs outpace the abilities that these pieces of software can provide. Our custom web development services entail creating custom apps, websites and CMS through specific frameworks, like Laravel or Zend or from scratch. Here we take it from the ground up, building everything block by block from the very beginning. We build exactly what you need.

Custom web development is a lot more arduous and time consuming, but it also has more advantages than pre-built software. Our team of experienced developers will build a custom front end, specific to your UX requirements and a custom back end, encompassing every feature that you need in your business. Because we build everything from the ground up we have a lot more liberty in moving things in the right direction, creating unique features for every client.

Building a custom software means that you don't have to compromise on anything, you don't have to adapt, you don't have to change requirements and adjust. Custom software development gets you exactly what you want for your business, and only for your business, a sensible solution.

  • Productivity - when you have a tailor made solution, created just for your unique business, you can easily increase your productivity by not having to compromise, like you would have to in pre-built software. You get the latest technology and system built just for you.
  • Integration - this is the cornerstone on how software communicates and how well it can work together with other pieces of software. A custom solution, be it a CMS or another type of software can bring a lot of benefits in this department, creating any type of integration required.
  • Planning - pre-built software is something that you have to accept and take it as it is, with little room for change. In the case of a custom software solution we can plan together the entire process, making sure you get what you want.
  • Support - maintaining and offering support to a piece of software you built is a lot easier than doing it for something that someone else built. Any problems you may encounter will be resolved quickly.


There are a lot of advantages for custom software solution, but it's also a much larger investment in time and resources, it takes more to develop and test and also demands ongoing resources for maintenance. If the current offer of pre-built software does not satisfy your tech needs and keeps your business from growing you should go forward with a custom solution. We want our clients to get the product that they need, no matter if it's custom of pre-built.

That being said, businesses always look ahead and try to predict how will they evolve in a few years time, software, being an essential part of any organization, can drag you down or push you forward. Think about what do you need now and in a few years, if you can’t find it on the market than we can build it for you. 

We're a friendly bunch, don't hesitate to contact us to go over your business needs and talk specifics. We'll walk you through everything needed to build your product.