Our iOS development services came to be in reaction to a booming market, coupled with our desire to offer more to our clients. Our Swift masters develop cutting edge iOS apps, catered to our clients needs. We will work together with you from the first mock-up, to developing and refining requirements in order to create an awesome and unique iOS app. Creativity and skill is something we have plenty of, we'll build an app that stands out and gets recognized.

Together with the birth of the first smartphone and tablet another industry was born, the one of mobile apps. App development is challenging and very competitive but where there are challenges there are also great rewards, iOS apps bring in billions of dollars every year, through sales and in-app purchases. The market is constantly expanding, people want new and interesting apps and they are willing to pay for them.


The App store generates more revenue than the Play Store because iOS users are more willing to pay for an app than Android users, proven by the fact that 98% of apps in the Play Store are free, with only 85% of apps in the App Store. In 2016 the Play Store had a total of 65 billion app downloads, while the App Store had 140 billion downloads. The iOS market is more active and more profitable than the Android market, generating almost 4 times more revenue. In 2016 users spent $28 billion dollars on apps, up from $13 billion in 2013. The market will continue to grow as Apple will move to more up and coming and emerging markets. Mobile app revenues are expected to reach $102 billion by 2020, from $52 in 2016. 

The iOS app market is highly profitable, with the right app you can tap into a large market of users that are always looking for something new. If you are a business you can be more connected with your customers and turn more leads into clients. If you're someone with an awesome idea for an app, we can bring it to life. It doesn't matter why you want an iOS app, we're here to build it. Let's have a chat about your app.